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Beyond Organic . . . Growing for Maximum Nutrition and Flavor
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Our foods have lost up to 70% of some nutrients in the last 70 years. Even organic foods have little more nutrient density than those conventionally grown. This loss of nutrition may explain our increasing health concerns. Whatever your goals and dreams in life, all will be more easily achieved when your body and mind receive the best nutrition from optimally-grown foods.

Learn how the Beyond Organic Growing System (BOGS) can produce Nutrition Grown foods, with much greater nutrient content than typical produce. Plants must receive the optimal nutrition they need to be able to express their full potentials to create large arrays of health-giving phytonutrients. In turn, people and animals who eat these Nutrition Grown plants receive the phytonutrients they need to help them express their full potentials.

"The cure just might be in the garden - the Nutrition Grown garden!"

Read a few pages from
Beyond Organic . . . Growing for Maximum Nutrition and Flavor
for FREE

Dr. Jana Bogs is a nutritionist (BSci) who became a horticulturist (PhD) to grow the best food possible. Now she is introducing a new paradigm to the worlds of agriculture and nutrition by going Beyond Organic to Nutrition Grown in the quest for the best food ever.

Dr. Bogs lives amidst the beautiful farm and ranch lands of North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean and the magical Island of Maui.

Read a few pages from
Beyond Organic . . . Growing for Maximum Nutrition and Flavor
for FREE

"In order to take control of your health, I recommend you make an attempt to grow your own food the Beyond Organic way."

    ~ Jordan Rubin, NMD, PhD, New York Times Bestselling Author, The Maker's Diet, Founder, Garden of Life

"For decades 'fast, convenient and cheap' seemed to be what food production was all about. Now Dr. Bogs suggests it might be about 'nourishing people.' What a novel idea!"

    ~ Frederick Kirschenmann, Author of Cultivating an Ecological Conscience: Essays From a Farmer Philosopher, Distinguished Fellow of Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, President of Stone Barns center for Food and Agriculture, and President of Kirschenmann Family Farms

"Any type of food produced on fully mineralized soil in proper balance contains much more nutrition. I'm not talking here about the insignificant 20 percent more nutrient density that the organic farming industry claims their fruits and vegetables have when compared to conventionally grown stuff; I'm talking about 200 to 300 percent more nutritional content, which is possible to achieve by going beyond what most people think of as 'organically grown.' In case you don't realize the benefits from taking in several times more nutrition than the average person gets today, the reasons why you should are explained in plain talk (and unobtrusively documented with peer-reviewed publications) by Dr. Jana Bogs, a soil-health consultant working in Hawaii. Her book Beyond Organic . . . Growing for Maximum Nutrition and Flavor will make you stand up and demand nutrient-dense food."

    ~ Steve Solomon, author of The Intelligent Gardener

"Beyond Organic . . . Growing for Maximum Nutrition and Flavor, the important new book by Dr Jana Bogs, is a tour-de-force covering the profound relationship between soil health and human health. In her personal, passionate and articulate style she demonstrates that we are what we eat, and what we eat comes from soils that are a shadow of their former selves. Beyond Organic is a call to arms for both food producers and consumers. While industrial, extractive agriculture has often delivered contaminated, sub standard produce, the prevalent 'organic by neglect' model has also failed us. On many occasions we pay premium prices for chemical-free food that is demonstrably lacking in the immune-enhancing nutrients for which there is such a need. Jana"s nutrition-focused alternative offers proven solutions and strategies for both home and commercial food producers. Growers and gardeners will discover the secrets of profitable, chemical-free food production whilst acquiring an invaluable insight into their own health, happiness and longevity. Beyond Organic . . . Growing for Maximum Nutrition and Flavor is a must-have for those seeking to produce nutrient-dense food with forgotten flavours and enhanced medicinal qualities. Thank you Jana, for sharing your personal journey and your in-depth understanding of both the problem and the solution."

    ~ Graeme Sait, CEO Nutri-Tech Solutions and author of Nutrition Rules!